Here’s how to create, with a fabric of the color you prefer, a custom-colored cushion. Its dimensions must be the standard ones of a cushion of furniture, or about 40 cm per side. As an alternative, on the market there are cushions of this type already ready for use. You can easily buy one. Cut out a square of striped cloth of the same size of the pillow.



First you have to choose the fabric to use. If possible, obtain a linen or cotton fabric, as they can accommodate the colors and shapes present in the cross-stitch design. However, a more solid fabric can also be used to keep the embroidery both on the front and on the back. Cut your fabric in the desired size, which may vary depending on the design to be embroidered and the use that you intend to make of the pillow. Whatever the measures, the important thing is to leave at least 7-8 cm of fabric between the design and the edges of the cushion.You can proceed in 2 different ways. The first method includes the realization of the pillow: as already mentioned, linen and cotton are definitely more suitable; if you choose satin or silk, the operation will be much more difficult because it is more slippery fabrics. Divide the piece of fabric virtually into two halves and center the previously executed embroidery, which will then be sewn with the written stitch.



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