Create a personalized cushion with covered buttons and decorate your home

Get the necessary material right away and start your special creation right away, perfect for decorating your home or as a fabulous gift idea.

A ready-made cushion or the material to make it
Contrasting fabric, better if checked
Needle and thread
Large buttons

Here’s how to create, with a fabric of the color you prefer, a custom-colored cushion. Its dimensions must be the standard ones of a cushion of furniture, or about 40 cm per side. As an alternative, on the market there are cushions of this type already ready for use. You can easily buy one. Cut out a square of striped cloth of the same size of the pillow.

To this size for the custom cushion I remind you to add about 1 cm per side. In fact, it will be necessary to make a hem in the square in question to avoid that, with time, pulling out the fabric will ruin your work. Take the same fabric and use it to cover 4 large buttons. The coating must be done carefully. Also, be careful to keep the top surface of each button smooth. In fact, it will be the section of the visible button.

Sew a button on every corner of the fabric square for your personalized cushion. Proceed, then, to overlap this square to the pillow, making sure that the corners of the first pass over the central edges of the pillow. Sew the section with the buttons to the fabric of the pillow. In this way, looking at the pillow at the back, you will see a ‘design’ in the shape of ‘X’ while the striped cloth on the front of the pillow will form an octagon. And here you are able to create, in just a few minutes and without effort, a fantastic personalized pillow with which to make a room in your home more beautiful and colorful or to give to your dearest friends. We know, in fact, that a personalized gift is always more beautiful and is always appreciated by those who receive it!