How to make pillows with cross-folders

If you want to make a work done with your own hands that is exclusive and for a special person, a very original idea is to create a cross-stitch pillow. It is not very difficult: the important thing is to be able to embroider with this technique and then the result will be applied on the pillow. Let’s see together how to make a cross-stitch pillow.

choice cloth
aida cloth
thread and needle for cross-stitching
trimmings and tassels (optional)

First you have to choose the fabric to use. If possible, obtain a linen or cotton fabric, as they can accommodate the colors and shapes present in the cross-stitch design. However, a more solid fabric can also be used to keep the embroidery both on the front and on the back. Cut your fabric in the desired size, which may vary depending on the design to be embroidered and the use that you intend to make of the pillow. Whatever the measures, the important thing is to leave at least 7-8 cm of fabric between the design and the edges of the cushion.

You can proceed in 2 different ways. The first method includes the realization of the pillow: as already mentioned, linen and cotton are definitely more suitable; if you choose satin or silk, the operation will be much more difficult because it is more slippery fabrics. Divide the piece of fabric virtually into two halves and center the previously executed embroidery, which will then be sewn with the written stitch.

Once the embroidery has been traced, proceed with sewing the cushion. Then, sew two sides and leave the third open to put the zipper and stuff it. If fragmented foam rubber is inserted, it must be emptied before each wash. Alternatively, you can buy a very simple pillow and place it inside the handmade lining. In both cases, always wash the fabric before sewing it, as it may shrink.

Let’s move on to the second method. In this case, it is necessary to choose a fabric such as jute or to use a very soft aida fabric. Mount the fabric on a loom and cross-stitch the chosen subject on half of the fabric. Once the embroidery is complete, proceed to the seam of two highs, holding the third one for the zip. It is advisable to use this cushion as a lining to put on a ready-made pillow. Wash both the fabric and the thread used to avoid unpleasant surprises after the first wash.