Christmas spell and how to complete it with Christmas pillows that you can make yourself

Making a DIY Christmas pillow is really very simple. It is about making a colorful and original pillow with Christmas decorations applied. This pillow can be used as a beautiful and original gift idea for Christmas. Naturally, providing to realize this beautiful creation by yourself, you will have the opportunity to understand really useful and captivating techniques, as well as having the possibility to save large sums of money. In the following guide, step by step, we will see just how to make a Christmas pillow.

To start creating your own Christmas pillow, you first have to make the border with a colored cotton fabric of your taste, then you have to cut two strips of fabric about 3 x 19 centimeters, and two other strips of about 3 x 22 centimeters , to make the top and bottom of your pillow. After that, once the decorative strips have been cut, it is necessary to sew the two side strips, in such a way as to form a square of fabric, which must then be ironed. To make the second decorative border, sew with needle and thread the various sides as you did for the first one. Then cut from the colored fabric two squares of cloth about 18 x 18 cm, to make the two sides of your pillow.

At this point, sew the two edges of decorative fabric with the center of your pillow and then stretch carefully along the seams made. In the meantime, continue your work by creating the various Christmas decorations, to be applied on your small pad. To make the Christmas decorations of cloth to be applied, after choosing the subjects, you have to follow the pattern paper and carefully bring the Christmas decorative shapes over a colored fabric cutout. Then reticle carefully. Then tip the Christmas decorations in fabric in the center of your small pillow and sew well in filza point with needle and thread to match.

After carefully trimming your beautiful Christmas-themed decorations, you have to stuff your little pillow. To do this, you need to stitch all the edges with the dressmaking pins, and then sew well with a colored needle and thread, making a simple seam. In the same way, sew the various felt decorations, made to finish your beautiful Christmas subjects. After leaving an opening for the padding, carefully pad your little Christmas pillow, then trim all the stitches of your beautiful Christmas pillow, and close the opening at overcasting point.