Make perfect retro pillows

Among the most precious fabrics with a great aesthetic effect, there are certainly satin and organza. In this guide we see how to make a cushion with these precious fabrics, usually used on special occasions, especially for weddings. On this elegant and refined little pillow will be placed the wedding rings. Here then how to make a pillow with satin and organza.

two pieces of satin cloth
beading lace
0.5 cm high ribbon
thread of the same color of the fabric and basting thread
wool or padding wadding
sewing machine

If the pillow is intended for a wedding ceremony, we try to get the satin of the same color as the dress; for other occasions, free space to the imagination. Overlap the two pieces of satin, making sure that the two shiny parts are matching. Approximately one centimeter from the inside of the edge we put the base of the cushion. Once we have verified the exact measure, we will repeat the seam using a sewing machine, to be more precise; then unthread the basting thread.

Now take the satin ribbon and divide it in half; in this way we obtained two 20 cm strips. Put the bag or cushion on the obverse and aim with a pin on the first ribbon and at about 2 cm of distance on each side we can now fix the center of the second ribbon.

We stuff the cushion with the remaining wool of another old cushion, fold the side to be sewn on itself at least twice and let the flaps fit together. We proceed with the basting and after checking that everything is perfect we sew definitively; finally pulling out the basting. The foam for the padding would make our cushion too rigid and consequently difficult to work, moreover with the passage of time the foam tends to lose its consistency giving a shape no more homogeneous to the pillow. So, it is much better to opt for wool or cotton wool.

Take the organza lace and make a thin hem around the perimeter of the pillow. Drap it around by curling the lace and aim with pins. If we are not satisfied with the result we move the pins in the part that most pleases us, then remove them and sew the basting. We fix the final seam by hand, taking care not to ruin the padded cushion and remove the basting. If desired, you can finish the organza lace of the pillow by hand-fixing a small ribbon or other decoration in the outermost part of the lace.