How to line a rectangular pillow

If we have a decidedly rectangular pillow that we intend to use as a decoration for the living room sofa, it is important to line it in the right way, then with well-finished stitching and above all a color that fits the upholstery of the sofa itself. In this regard, here is a guide, in which we explain how to line a rectangular cushion.

Needle and thread
Sewing machine
Fabric flowers

To start we take the measures of the width and height of the pillow, and assuming that they are 80X40 like those for the bed, then we go to a store that sells fabrics, and buy a cut of 180X90 so a little ‘more of the measure total. In fact, the excess centimeters we can exploit for sewing, the possible ribbing with embroidery and to apply a long zip. That said, in the following steps we will see how to proceed with cutting, assembling and finishing the lining of our rectangular cushion.

The first thing to do is to place the fabric on the table top or on the bed, so that with a measuring tape we can calculate the right measures, squaring it in proportion to the aforementioned shape of the pillow itself. After finding the optimal position, fold the fabric in two and block the flaps with pins, doing the same operation on the two sides. At this point we can sit comfortably in an armchair, and with needle and thread we proceed to basting on the two smaller sides, and then inserting a zip on the rectangular part. Once this is done, we insert the cushion that we have previously extracted into this sort of bag, and make the necessary tests before proceeding with the final sewing machine. At the end of the work, we take the pillow out again, and with the lining we will indulge ourselves to create an embroidered border and eventually add some designs, perhaps of floral type on one side of the lining itself.

On the other hand, embroidery can be done with a pencil, which allows us to set a beautiful pattern especially if we have a certain skill, and then patiently refine the interior and the outlines with colored thread. If for example we opted for a daisy, then with the green thread we embroider the stem and with the white one the petals. Alternatively, in a haberdashery, we can already buy compounds of flowers, which we sew with needle and thread of the same color of its contours. After the work of covering the pillow, we just have to place it in good evidence on our sofa.