How to make yourself a perfect decoration for your home with the help of a pillow

If you have residues of upholstery around your home or in your warehouse, the ideal is to use them to do something constructive. You can make linings for the bed backs, use it in other upholstery works or even sew a pillow cover. The latter is certainly one of the basics of sewing. In fact, the seam is divided into several steps and this guide will explain how to close a pillow with flakes. For this work it is necessary to know just the abc of the sewing, but there is no high difficulty. The important thing is to have already sewn the lining and be ready for closure. The inconvenient thing about this type of closure is that the knots could melt and therefore the pillow can easily fall off the chair.

elastic rubber foam

So let’s start our work. First of all, let’s see what the closure of a pillow consists of. The closure of a cushion is determined by the shape and the chosen fabric. If you use damask silk and velvet, it is certainly advisable to close the pillow with a zipper. These fabrics are very delicate and it is a pity to risk damaging them with a classic closure. The zipper is much more comfortable, although in some cases it may be slightly unsightly. The advice is to evaluate from time to time what is best to do, perhaps by advising your seamstress of trust.

As for the closure with the flakes we can say that this is the simplest closure that can be done for a pillow. First of all it is convenient to have everything you need at your fingertips, in order to do a smooth and easy job. Start by cutting out the foam proportioned to the chair and insert it into the cushion cover that you have packaged. Foam is readily available in upholstery shops.

Apply at this point some elastic loops on two adjacent corners and fix on the other two of the hooks. So you can fix the padding to the chair. To lock the cushion, at the back legs of the chair, sew 2 eyelets, in which you will pass the colored tape to be tied around the wood. Naturally, the choice of ribbon color will vary depending on the color of the chair and your furniture. As we said before, pay attention to make the staple and check often that it has not melted, otherwise the pillow may fall.